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Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God.  We will accomplish this by:

Building loving relationships with God and others

  • Loving God with all our strength
  • Loving one another
  • Engaging in meaningful worship
  • Building relationships that encourage and edify each other
  • Including all people as candidates for God's kingdom
  • Building a strong, God-focused church community

Promoting spiritual growth in each member

  • Gaining thorough knowledge of God's word
  • Imitating Christ in all areas of life
  • Equipping members for specific service
  • Deepening awareness of stewardship in all things
  • Setting priority on kingdom activities
  • Emphasizing ethics in our personal standards
  • Participating in spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, and meditation

Promoting life in God's kingdom as the most abundant and satisfying life

  • Meeting families' needs
  • Meeting particular needs of individuals
  • Being evangelistic by nature
  • Including little children in His kingdom
  • Engaging in Christian activities