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The worship service is a time for members to give praise to God, but also a time for each of us to lift up each other or edify one another spiritually. The worship service itself is comprised of several elements, which are explained in detail below.


To someone who has not worshipped at a Church of Christ, they might notice quickly the absence of instruments on the stage or an organ in the balcony. The reason is that we sing together “a cappella”, meaning without any instruments. The songs are led by a song leader who will select a variety of both traditional and contemporary songs from one of two songbooks that reside in the back of the pews. The songs are projected on the two screens in the front of the auditorium.


Prayers are spoken throughout the service for various reasons. Some are specific in nature pertaining to the element of worship, e.g. the Lord’s Supper. Others are more general in that they may cover several topics such as thanksgivings for our blessings, help for the needy and good health for the sick.

Lord's Supper

The Lord’s Supper, or communion, is observed each Sunday. This memorial is to remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. The Lord’s Supper consists of two parts: first, plates of unleavened bread will be passed down the rows. This bread symbolizes Jesus’ body. If one chooses to participate, they simply break off a piece of bread and pass the plate to the next person. The second part of the Lord’s Supper consists of drinking of the “fruit of the vine” or grape juice. This “fruit of the vine” symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross. Again, trays of small plastic cups filled grape juice will be passed down the rows. If one chooses to participate, they will simply pick up one of the cups, drink it, and place it back in the tray.


Each Sunday, plates will be passed down the rows to collect financial offerings from members. These offerings are used in many ways to further the gospel of Jesus. Visitors are not expected to give and may pass the plate to the next person.


On a typical Sunday, our pulpit minister will present a message or sermon to the church usually lasting 20-30 minutes. Topics and themes vary from week to week. Click on the Resources tab to listen to or download a sermon.


At the close of the sermon, an “invitation” is extended to anyone who would like prayers on their behalf or who desires to be baptized. If someone comes forward desiring to give their life to God, they will be baptized by being fully immersed in water for the remission of sins and the entire church will witness and share in this wonderful moment.