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At Northside, we promote and foster the efforts of Northside members to share the Gospel of Jesus with their family, friends and personal contacts. We equip members to teach using the Bible and various tools while encouraging relationship building and service as a way in which to genuinely connect with others. Northside has a long history of reaching out to the local community and abroad throughout the year with annual events, as well as weekly and monthly efforts of food giveaways and community meals.

World Bible School at Northside is a part of our mission outreach of sharing the Good News of Jesus locally, nationally, and around the world. The link is World Bible School offers several lessons. For each course, individuals read the lesson and Scriptures, answer multiple choice and discussion questions and submit answers. Lessons are graded and returned, along with the next lesson. Certificates are awarded at the completion of the various courses. All aspects of the studies are absolutely free to students. It's a great way to learn the Gospel for the first time or to deepen your relationship with Christ.

Visit and study with us!

Since the summer of 2010, every two years Northside takes a large group of members of various ages to the Dominican Republic. Over a third of our congregation has been able to travel to and work in the Dominican Republic and many have done so on multiple occasions.

The Network organizes and plans a stateside mission trip between visits made to the Dominican Republic.

Northside assists and partially supports the Bible Correspondence Center in Seoul, South Korea; Simon Odongo a missionary and professor at the Christian Bible College in Kigumba, Uganda; and Childplace in Jeffersonville, Indiana.